When the club isn’t the best place and the bar is where you go with your friends for a few shot while playing pool, then keep in mind a couple of tips while hopping for the best bars in the town. Mad Hatter Pub, located in Montreal, Canada is the perfect model of a state-of-art bar catering mouth-smacking food in their $5 menu along with cool drinks you wish to have.

Here, five tips are shared for you guys that you should check before welcoming your friends in a pub or even check it yourself before visiting the place—

Great ambiance

The pub you visit should have a nice ambiance. Starting from the interior designing to furniture they have or the music they play should be alluring. Visit the place once or go through the website to check out the interiors or the ambiance in their videos. You can also know about that from their social media profiles or the reviews. Visit the place on your own before taking your partner or friends there to take a look at the place.

Cheap drinks

People love economic pubs. If you also want that then look for the prices the pub asks for. You can know about the price of a margarita or draught beer pitcher from the online menu they share. Most pubs like the restaurants mention their prices online to help people understand they’re affordable. Keep a eye for the happy hours to grab a few shots more.

Good food served

Check out for the standard of food they serve. There are still some cool pubs where you can have mouth watering steak, fish and chips, fajitas, nachos and great dips at a cheap price. Sometimes they offer one-on-one deals to pull more crowds.

Nice crowd

Look for the bars with nice crowds. If you don’t find it interesting to hit the pubs where teenagers are flocking around or looking for a nook with their partners, choose the pubs with a good crowd hit by the next door Uncle Sam to the corporate gurus or the uprising models. You’ll love watching the TV or Super Bowl there while grabbing your favorite bite with beer or your chosen drinks.


Hit the well-known pubs. Avoid visiting the downtown bars with poor crowds of local goons and bad ass mass. This is necessary to stay out of any hassle. Make sure the reviews are satisfactory.