Patrick Meyer and Jamie Shea founded Chefs Plate in 2014. Earlier many companies were delivering meal kits to different parts of USA. Being inspired by them they founded the company in Toronto. It is a renowned company for delivering fresh food to people.


It has good reputation for supplying the freshest vegetables. They are taken directly from the farm. They are delivered in chilled boxes to keep them stay long. The recipe cards are provided along with the kits. In it you will get step by step illustrations to make your meal quickly. Earlier they delivered meals to only Toronto area. But later they extended their delivery service area to other places also. Many places of Canada are provided these ready-to-cook kits by this organization. Chefsplate review can be given after you taste their food.


First of all you have to subscribe it. You will be provided the menu of different recipes. You can choose meals for a whole week. You should also select plans. There are different plans depending on the number of members of your family. All the ingredients to cook the meals will reach your door in a scheduled time. You will get those in refrigerated box with the recipe cards. They will provide you everything you need to cook, be it the material or the recipe.


 It is a company delivering meals almost in all the Canadian provinces. It has gained the trust of thousands of men for their genuine food and fast delivery. The company announced that they have got a 6 million dollar investment in a funding by a German investor’s fund. Chefs Plate then disclosed that they were delivering almost 1000000 meals per month. People from all over Canada are willing to get their fantastic services. So, you can compare their service with other companies for better results. The business must deliver meals across the country and should have been active for minimum one year. There are many companies fulfilling these criteria, such as MissFresh, GoodFood, Cook It and many others. They all serve fresh food to people. So, get services from other companies and then give Chefs Plate review.


You can be relaxed about your daily meals and depend fully on the companies. They provide you farm fresh vegetables, fruits and hormones free meat. Your children will get proper nutrition from the service of the company. They also offer ready-to-eat meals if you like to get them. The whole team gives you a good food experience.