Let’s see a situation! It’s a weekend night and your friends have planned for a booze party! You hunt around the house to look for those extra hidden cash but all you have is some cash not enough to support a night out party! There are two choices here: Ditch your friends to stay home bored or take the challenge to make the most!

Here we offer you some tricks to try when you are financially devastated. Chances are you will get easy drinks without having to pay much!

Walk in on a happy hour!

Happy hours indicate a time when drinks are priced-low before the usual drinking hours. Take the offer and make the most of ordering during the happy hours to enjoy an evening of drinking on cheap drinks. Happy hour Waite Park gives the customers exclusive happy hour drinks to make the most of their money and evening!

Skip the food

When you are broke for drinks chances are you don’t want to indulge into food either. Food accounts for almost half of the party bills – it’s safe to skip ordering food to save on expenses. And drinks kick faster on empty stomachs – definitely saves a lot!

Party before a party!

Hard drinks are cheaper at the stores than in a pub. Therefore to save on money try to take in a few drinks at home and then hit the pub. At the Happy hour Waite park you can order a fancy cocktail and booze as per your taste. You walk in being tipsy, the rest of the time you keep making the high stronger.

Choose the perfect place!

Rather than going for the hottest and popular pub in the town choose a rather cheap and comfortable place to go. Happy hour Waite park is one of the places to hit given the prices and the happy hours. With no entrance fees, reasonable drink prices and quality atmosphere you are bound to have a good time.

Mix drinks!

The rule to follow when you don’t want to get drunk is in fact an advantage when you want to save on money. Mix your drinks to get your booze kick faster. This saves from ordering more drinks and saves a lot of money!

Choose to go to a an exciting house like Happy hour Waite park which provides options for both extravagant drinks and the budgeted ones for the customers. You can have a great time while not expensing a lot too!