We have observed over time, one of the greatest fears of some of our relatives to visit us was not the distance, nor the language but the food! The keenest Indian food will cry foul, and yet it’s true! Are you afraid of not being able to eat if the dishes are too spicy, afraid to get sick, etc.?

Return to India will try to help you by giving you some tips to eat in India without risk but also and primarily by describing the map of your future restaurants. Although you are bilingual French – English, nothing helps, Hindi, Urdu or Tamil mean nothing to you! These descriptions are of course usable in France in all good Indian restaurants if you want to warm up for your next trip or to remember good memories! With the Indian food delivery Denver option, you can be satisfied.

Dal and Idli

Dal, which means “lens” in Hindi, is the basis of North Indian food. Cooked in curry, the dal is everywhere for a few rupees and serves as protein for most vegetarian Indians. A sort of flat ball of rice, steamed, served with sambar. It was a typical dish of Tamil Nadu.

Paneer and Thali

The paneer (cheese) is made in India from cow’s milk used in a considerable number of Indian dishes, curries or spindle. It has no particular taste and would have a texture similar to tofu. Thali means plate/tray in Hindi. It is also a type of Indian dish particularly typical of Tamil South Indian (Tamil-Nadu). If you order a thali at the restaurant, do not be surprised to see you serve a large platter where several small containers each containing a different dish will be placed. Sweet, salty, spicy, sweet and sour, rice, raita, sambar, vegetables … In short, a thali offers a multitude of combinations to mix with the fingers! In the south of India, it is thali vegetarians, but you can find non-vegetarians in Rajasthan for example.

Biryani and Mutton

A specialty of Hyderabad, biryani is a dish made from rice, meat, and spices. This is not an accompaniment but a plate all by itself. Be careful; this one can be spicy; the room with the raita can be a good solution for the most sensitive although vegetarian biryani is not the specialty of Hyderabad, it is still perfect! The dishes containing the word gosht, translated into English by mutton should logically be … to the sheep!

That said, we have never seen sheep in India where we went, however, the Muslim neighborhoods where many butcheries line the streets are usually populated with goats (with and without head)! So we imagine that the dish whose name contains the word mutton is based on a goat. The taste is however very similar. The mutton dishes are from northwestern India, around the Indo-Pakistan border. States with a majority of the Hindu population tend to have vegetarian specialties.

Kabab and Chicken

Kabab is a qualifying term meaning that the meat dish was cooked over a wood fire around an iron pin. You will find the Mutton seekh kabab or chicken seekh kabab for example. A dish whose name contains the word murgh is chicken. All these options are available from Indian food delivery Denver service now.