Regardless of whether you’d like to commemorate a recent promotion, retirement, engagement, anniversary, relocation, or any other meaningful affair, the best way to save some coin on a party is to avoid devoting a fortune to a venue reservation, and instead play host at your very own home.

But, as we all know, there is quite a bit of planning, preparing, and arranging that goes into holding a day-long gathering at a residential property, which is why a growing number of Australians are beginning to subcontract the burden of such a task to reputable catering organisations.

As a matter of fact, the catering and cuisine niche in Australia has surged by almost 4% per year since 2012 and is presently valued at a whopping $8.5 billion, which means that catered parties are ubiquitous and tantamount to our way of life.

So, why are professional catering services becoming so coveted and trendy, you ask? Well, let’s expound precisely what you stand to gain by coordinating your efforts with a team that specialises in modified catering for home parties in Perth.

Cost-Effective Yet Upscale

When accounting for the stress, man hours, requisite supplies, serving provisions, decorations, cuisine, and all of the other complexities associated with a DIY catering initiative, you’d have to amass an army of helpers and expend an enormous amount of your resources to tie together every loose end and finalise an inclusive strategy.

Qualified caterers, on the other hand, have spent many years fine-tuning the craft of serving, pampering, and indulging both small and large parties, which is why they are able to deliver a turnkey service, irrespective of how many invitees are on your list or the amount of capital you wish to allocate.

Individualised Solutions

With more than two decades of in-depth experience and hundreds of clients under their belts, the most acclaimed catering companies in Perth are comprised of seasoned event organisers, lauded chefs, gracious servers, nimble-fingered bartenders, and professional designers that can bring a vast array of aptitudes to the table:

  • Creation of matchless, inimitable themes and ornamental arrangements.
  • Sprawling selection of bespoke menus, including carvery options, wood-fired pizza, Christmas buffets, afternoon tea spreads, handcrafted desserts, and a virtually boundless range of customisable alternatives.
  • Onsite or offsite preparation to suit your needs and the availability of your personal kitchen.
  • Exhaustive support before, during, and after your party, ranging from the delivery and set-up of the supplies to the actual food prep, serving, entertainment, and even the dreaded clean-up duties.

Each and every event is judiciously tailored to fit not only the home in question, but also the very reason for the party, the composition of the attendee list, the affinities of the clients, and, most notably, the financial restrictions of the host.

At the very least, you should establish a taste-testing date with your local catering mavens to acquire a clearer picture of their competences and the practicality of a working relationship before you start strategizing for your next party.