It’s really no secret there are ice cream enthusiasts everywhere. It is among individuals treats that’s always enjoyed by everybody during summer time since it cools you lower within the most scrumptious way. Aside from the feeling of taste you have to draw customers to your parlour or café so you have to experience their feeling of sight to make a purchase. The Salvadore Ice Cream Fridge performs this perfectly.

The Salvadore Ice Cream Fridge is 1200mm wide and it is made with modern curves across the side panels. The leading and top panels is one solid bit of glass which has a rounded edge to mix the very best and front window which helps better viewing. The obvious top and front view with the glass enables people to see all of the colourful flavour options inside. Be sure that the containers will always be capped as much as ensure maximum effect. The kodak playtouch camcorder may also be installed on a table if needed for that perfect reason for purchase display.

Additionally to some beautiful display design, her technology to support it too. The kodak playtouch camcorder keeps the frozen goodness refrigerated having a temperature selection of between -15 and -20 levels Celsius. Our prime quality digital temperature controller provides you with the liberty to create the temperature in the preferred range for optimal refrigeration. To have an improved customer experience, the leading window is heated then when customers touch your window it will not leave their hands cold, even though the primary reason for the heated window would be to prevent condensation develop for any clearer display.

The Salvadore Ice Cream Fridge is produced with Grade 304 stainless interior. It features a output of .5 kilowatts and it is 1200 x 540 x 790 millimetres in dimensions having a total weight of 115 kilograms. It’s provided with five poly carbonate 5 litre storage pans so that you can display five different flavours of ice cream. Make a commercial display fridge full of chocolate, strawberry, bubblegum, vanilla and blueberry flavours. The multi-coloured variety appeals towards the customers plus they might take several flavour since it will all look so scrumptious.

The Salvadore Ice Cream Fridge entices customers using its modern design, obvious window, chilled refrigeration ability and it is internal top quality lighting. It combines technology and design perfectly. No-one can resist any ice cream that’s displayed within this modern catering equipment.

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