Freezer cooking means cooking meals in advance and freezing them so it’s not hard to defrost, warm and serve later. Variations may include monthly cooking, batch cooking, or cooking areas of meals.

Some cooks produce a regular plan, then prepare meals all-in-one day and freeze them. Others prepare one large batch of the meal, like chili, then divide it into family portions or single servings and freeze it. You may also prepare certain ingredients in advance and freeze them-for example meats cooked and frozen in small portions to become added into chili, stew, or casseroles later.

Save Your Time: By cooking in batches it can save you time. If you are already cooking a casserole, it takes only a couple of extra minutes to double the amount recipe, prepare another one and freeze it later on.

Cut Costs: Getting in bulk is generally less expensive than smaller sized sized portions. Whenever you prepare in batches it is simple to purchase bulk sizes without having to worry that they may be wasted. You will also cut costs when you have meals prepared to eat and do not finish up with a pizza or any other food delivery.

Save Your Valuable Waistline: Once you have a stash of healthy meals within the freezer prepared to defrost and eat you will find the temptation to seize “junk food” or eat junk is simpler to prevent.

Freezer cooking is a superb strategy for those who have special nutritional needs, too. I prepare gluten-free waffles, pancakes, soups, pizza and breads and freeze to ensure that meal time is simpler. By preparing in advance and cooking in batches I am able to save cash within the cost of prepared niche foods and realize that we have always got “safe” meals readily available.