Power of social channels cannot be ignored in this dominating digital era. There are still several chocolate makers, who pursue in perfecting their products instead of increasing their social media presence. They are missing this crucial revenue stream worth investing. Radio, TV, and prints are crucial for advertising, so is social media. The most important factor is ‘marketing reach’.

Many chocolate professionals are so passionate about their creative part that they underrate the significance of social media. Look at the website lamontagnechocolate.com to get an idea how a website looks on mobile screen. Their responsive website creates sensory-rich impact that consumers always purchase online.

If you are not properly engaged in social media then you can miss good opportunities.

Social media is a –

  • Free advertising tool
  • Way to gain world wide exposure
  • Personal interaction is easy in comparison to other media forms
  • Fast way to resolve consumer issues
  • Make necessary improvements in your product
  • Communicate new product launches, exhibits and updates
  • Create loyal followers, who keenly share their favorite brands

If you are still avoiding or ignoring social media because of less knowledge about using this tool properly then take help from social media management professionals.

Guidelines to use social media for promoting your chocolate business

Avoid showing off

Online platforms are not to brag and boast but build fan follower community. Social media users follow specific accounts because they earn some worthy information. It can be related to education, entertainment, feelings, or curiosity. Create a social media strategy with an aim to find ways for engaging loyal customers and retaining them for life. To accomplish this, the chocolate maker needs to avoid self-importance or boast about themselves. Post relevant piece of content, which is helpful to the readers. The focus and perspective in the content needs to be interesting to influence online users follow your company account.

Share more besides chocolates

If you only share chocolate pictures online readers may get bored. Even buy now invitation and sales pitch are not engaging content. Followers desire to get entertained, educated, intrigued, and aroused.

Share a lot of chocolate related content like educational articles on chocolate making, videos on production behind the scenes or links of interesting debates.

Social media is to engage people and not push sales.


Consistency is crucial for social media. Accounts used intermittently are despised. It displays an egoistic side of the company, which can lose brand loyalty. Commitment of posting regular and relevant content is essential.