If you are keen on Boba Tea, also well-known as Bubble Tea then you’re probably acquainted with the terms: “Tapioca Balls” and/or “Boba Pearls.” If you are unfamiliar with such terms, then you might like to realize that Tapioca Balls would be the primary component within the extremely popular Taiwanese drink – Bubble Tea.

This originated from the 1980’s inside a tea house in Taiwan. Apparently, among the employees in a tea house in Taiwan was pretty bored throughout a lunch time and she or he required her Tapioca pudding and dumped it into her tea. It sampled quite amazing also it was soon put into the tea houses’ menu. Very quickly, it grew to become typically the most popular beverage they offered.

At the start, Bubble Tea grew to become a sensation along with a scrumptious treat one of the children in Taiwan. However, now with the aid of Franchise – it’s now equally preferred among adults and children alike globally and it has absorbed the roads with tea shops.

Bubble Teas are known by many people other names depending by which a part of the world you are in…

Below you will find a few of the many names we know of by:

Bubble Tea

Tapioca Gem Drink

Black Gem

Gem Shake


Gem Milk

and much more.

It’s also wise to, realize that asides from tea based beverages – Pearls may also, be included to coffee, alcoholic drinks and smoothies!

The bottom line is, they are Tapioca pearls which are roughly how big a marble. They contain an unbiased flavor, that is typically referred to as soft or gummy in consistency. These are manufactured from tapioca starch, that can come from Cassava Root.

Tapioca pearls are generally white-colored and somewhat transparent to look at or they’re black, which will depend within the things that are employed. As pointed out formerly – white-colored, Tapioca pearls are manufactured from either starch, caramel or lavender extract. However, the greater popular Tapioca pearls, that are black are manufactured from starch, yams or brown sugar. However, you are able to essentially, make Tapioca pearls any color you would like by soaking the white-colored Tapioca pearls in colored syrups.

This will come in a range of tea flavors and designs. The most typical Bubble Teas are generally milk based tea or fruit flavored tea.

You can include a number of fruits, which can make your beverage a lot more healthier. For example, you can include following fruits for your Bubble Tea:


Red Beans




and much more!

Gong Cha shops provide a grand range of Bubble Tea variations to create your beverages super scrumptious and healthy! They are proud of supplying probably the most natural, most fresh quality ingredients available for sale. Furthermore, they refresh all of their teas every four hrs.

Numerous research has proven that various kinds of teas, for example – eco-friendly and black teas have some of health advantages. For instance, many teas consist of anti-inflammatory chemicals referred to as Polyphenols, that are also, antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the amounts of oxidants within your body, which could prevent coronary disease. In addition, tea may also, support decreasing the perils of other health issues, for example – high bloodstream pressure and diabetes.

Surely, you are able to be assured that if you have a Bubble Tea in a single of tea shops, that you will be offered having a healthy and organically based beverage that you’ll most certainly enjoy without getting to eat processed or can based ingredients, which could frequently be harmful to a person’s health.

Their Franchise does not only are proud of supplying their clients using the best and also the most healthiest ingredients in Bubble Tea beverages. Additionally they, genuinely worry about their clients!

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